Intergrid Energy Group​​ Ltd​​

Investment Infasrtucture 

Investment Infastruture
• Intergrid Group unites over 50 years of Surveying & Engineering experience developing&deliveringcommercial & industrial construction projects.
• The organisation offers 15 years of experience in developing & delivering renewable energy projects & energy management projects.
• As well as PV technology, Intergrid Group also offer smart-grid solutions, offering a variety of energy storage systems ,controls and management.
•Recent grid side service opportunities benefit investors aswell as grid supply.
• Our work includes projects around the UK & we are increasingly involved with internationalopportunities. • We have access to investors who operate globally & at significant levels of funding, both on debt and an equity basis.
• We also work with a supply chain encompassing high quality components, such as Tier 1 bankable PV panels & EPCs with sufficient balance sheet value to undertake the largest projects.
• From concept through installation to completion, we guide our clients through their renewable, sustainable and energy efficient requirements.

• Energy efficiency funding –

• Power purchase agreement

• Sale of energy to the Grid

• Feed in tariff

• pay as you save model where a proportion of the energy saving is returned to the funder to pay for the investment

• Lease